An Early-In-The-Year Live Comedy Show Is The Best Way To Beat The Back-To-Work Blues

Coming back to work after a long break (whether you rested at home or went away on holiday) makes one thing immediately apparent – it can be very challenging to pay attention to paperwork, billing and deadlines when our minds are still accustomed to late nights and late mornings, sunny beaches and cocktails galore.

And it’s even worse when you are anxious, which you are likely to be after coming back to work for the 2017 working year – when work starts piling up and you have to get back into the right headspace to get going.

A recent research paper released by the Department of Psychology and Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at the University of California has revealed that there is a real relationship between anxiety, worry, sustained attention, and frontal function. It shows that when humans experience anxiety, the frontal area of our brains (the areas that support our ability to pay sustained attention to tasks) doesn’t get as much use as it should and that when people experience anxiety they reduce the speed of their tasks to keep performing at the required level of excellence.

So it’s only natural that staff members would feel overwhelmed in their first few weeks back at work!

Thankfully, there is a way of reducing anxiety that employers can rely on that doesn’t involve a high cost, and it’s one that takes into account a diverse workforce of many different ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Live comedy is a great way for your staff to de-stress from their anxiety and get into a better and more focused frame of mind for the upcoming year.

While it might seem unconventional to host a team-building activity so early in the year, it actually makes sense to get your team on the same page and it also allows new team members to get acquainted with everyone else.

So why not consider hiring me for a live comedy event for your business early this year? All you need is one evening and you could dramatically increase the performance of your employees, while having fun at the same time!