Boost Your Career With Humour – Let Melbourne Corporate Entertainer Joe Avati Show You How!

Every office has its own set of personalities. The Office Mom is the one who always remembers birthdays and fusses over everyone. The Office Team Leader is that one person who always takes charge on projects and coordinates tasks. Then of course there is the Office Joker, who always has a funny story or joke to share. Now which of these types of workers would you say is most likely to get ahead based on their traits? You might be surprised to learn that it is the Office Joker.

A recent survey of CFOs by temp placement company Accountemps on client hiring patterns revealed that over 70% of business leaders believe that an employee’s sense of humour is important and something worth considering when fitting in with the company’s culture. They further revealed that incorporating humour into the workplace encourages a collaborative culture that can improve productivity and engagement, deescalate a tense situation and allow people to relax and focus on work by addressing stressful topics or subjects.

Of course, not all humour is created equal, and as someone who has spent many years in all kinds of Melbourne workplaces as a corporate entertainer, I can certainly attest to this fact. So if you want to increase your chances of being noticed by leaders in the workplace or are meeting with potential new employers, adding a little humour can help, provided you observe the following:

  1. Stick to safe topics – now is not the time to make controversial jokes. Stick to jokes about the weather, winning or losing sports teams or light news topics that most people are likely to relate to.
  2. Know when to stop – Not everything can be funny, and there’s nothing worse than someone who keeps making jokes long after everyone has stopped laughing. Pace your quips and make sure your serious, business minded side has a chance to shine as well.
  3. Stick to your level – most of us enjoy making casual jokes about upper or middle management to our co-workers – provided they aren’t around. If you’re going to make jokes, make sure you don’t disparage (even light-heartedly) the very group you are addressing.

Integrate these tips into your next workplace encounter and you’ll have your colleagues and managers eating out of your hand!