When Called Upon As The Best Man At A Wedding, Here Are Some Do’s And Don’ts

If a wedding day is one of the most significant days in a couple’s life, then the wedding toast has an extra special significance.  Whether the toast is to wish the bride and groom a lifetime of wedded bliss or the clinking of champagne glasses to beat off evil spirits that may be present at a ceremony (a long standing tradition) a memorable toast lives long in the minds and hearts of all at the reception. With all of this in mind, the pressure and expectations placed on the MC or best man are exceptionally high. This is when you know the couple very well. Imagine the pressure if you don’t!

Whether you know the couple or not (or think you know them better than you actually do) avoid any embarrassment for you or them by keeping the wedding toast simple. Here are a few topics that would be best left out of your best man speech:

  • Keep any references to former relationships out of your toast. Not a good idea to bring up that “one night, in Thailand”
  • Remember the audience. Keep all content and language strictly PG rated. There are kids, family and parents listening
  • Avoid any stories that may reflect negatively on either the bride or groom. It’s their special day, not your chance for revenge
  • No culturally-insensitive jokes or racial statements. Does this need more clarification? If so, are you the best man after all?

You have a captive audience at a wedding reception who will be hanging onto your every word. This should be uppermost in your mind as you prepare your speech. Remember that just as much as what you say is important, so too is how long you take to say it.

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