Deciding on hiring a corporate event entertainer? Here’s what you should know

Remember that end-of-year Christmas party where your stomach hurt from laughing too much and tears were streaming down your face? The redness in your face (I’d like to think) was due more to the laughing than the 7th glass of champagne you had just downed.

That corporate event was made all the more memorable by the effervescent personality of the professional entertainer. It takes a special quality entertainer to leave an audience enraptured and engaged. Hiring well means that you have to pay more attention to the qualities the professional entertainer will bring to your event and onto the stage.

Experienced professional entertainers bring their own distinct uniqueness along, ensuring their performances bring life and vibrancy to an event. Special traits, whether behind-the-scenes or front-and-centre stage draws the audience in and makes them sit up and take notice. Two top qualities you want to look out for in your next corporate or wedding entertainer are:

·         Adaptability for when things don’t go quite as you planned

No matter how much you may wish against it and despite all your attempts at planning a successful event, there is always the chance that Murphy’s Law will show up to ruin things. You don’t have control over power outages, a cable breaks and you’ve suddenly lost your sound system or the marketing team have drunk too much and have decided to be opportunist entertainment acts for the night. You will want an entertainer that is adaptable and can handle and turn around the atmosphere when things go unexpectedly south.

·         Oodles and oodles of Enthusiasm and Confidence

Great entertainers bubble with confidence so much so that it may look as if it is evaporating from their pores. Their performances are made all the more believable and convincing the more confident they are and the more enthusiastic they are about what they do. Your audience will be riveted.

Take a closer look at the entertainer you have chosen and you are one step closer to ensuring the celebrated success of your corporate event. Joe Avati is a worldwide-renowned professional Australia entertainer who specialises in stand-up comedy, corporate events entertainment and MC’ing at special events.

Hiring the right act is not a luck of the draw.