Joe Avati Delivers the Best Clean Stand-Up Comedy at any Corporate Event

Holding a corporate event is a nerve-wracking experience. These days, you need to make sure you serve Vegan, Gluten-Free and Paleo meal options to keep everyone happy and keep the clients who don’t get along on separate sides of the ballroom.

At least your corporate event entertainment is taken care of easily. Joe Avati is the kind of corporate stand-up comedian and MC that absolutely everyone will enjoy.

Unlike most corporate comedians for hire, Joe can read his audience – and adapt. This means that you will never again have to endure the awkward silence after an inappropriate joke. He understands that the needs of a corporate audience are vastly different from those of a Friday Night pub crowd. As a result, he’s made repeat appearances at many high profile corporate functions to share his clean brand of humour.

While Australia is one of the most diverse nations on earth, as human beings we still have many things in common at the core. Joe’s talent is to touch on these universal experiences in a humorous way and is evident in his non-offensive routines about everyday family life and observations about the ‘goings on’ in the world, Joe’s corporate comedy routines are free of profanities and steer clear of subjects that may offend your guests.

As an Italian immigrant, Joe can relate to the diversity present in your typical Australian audience. His jokes have a way of uniting an audience, with people frequently nodding (and chuckling) in agreement with his jokes. Unlike many comedians, he is able to get a laugh out of people without relying on shock tactics or being offensive. This is the mark of a truly talented corporate comedian and MC.

With past audiences giving him standing ovations and clambering to shake his hand after his shows, it’s obvious that Joe Avati knows what his corporate audience wants and is able to bring it in spades. So for your next event, why not take the fuss out of finding the right corporate entertainment and hire Joe instead?