This is Joe Avati’s second release and the album that launched his career internationally and made him a household name in Canada, America and the UK. This album went to number one on the Canadian HMV comedy charts where it stayed at the top position for 18 months straight. It continues on with routines about Joe’s grandparents, further develops the characters we met in his first album “Living La Dolce Vita’ and features probably his most famous track ‘Nonno’s Car Accident’ which was the routine credited for making him an overnight sensation in Canada. Whenever Joe performs this routine the entire audience perform it with him. An unusual feat for a comedian. PLEASE NOTE : In Australia this album has a different cover. The Australian release has Joe playing a guitar in front of a Marshall Amp with his real Nonna Avati holding the lead.


1. Intro
2. Nonna Confuses Me
3. The Dont Get Technology
4. Malocchio Revisited
5. Multi-Functional Nonna
6. Nonno for PM
7. Nonno’s Car Accident
8. Tax & The Tenor
9. Watching TV With Nonno
10. Advice Compari
11. Compari the Gambler
12. Compari Compari
13. Italian Weddings
14. Changing The Words
15. The Radio Songs
16. Lucia (Avati, G)
17. Waltzing Maria
18. A Tip From The Advice Compari
19. Encore
20. Working In Vegas
21. The Canada Competition
22. Flying
23. The Mildura Competition
24. Yammunindi – Extended Mix (Avati, G)