Recorded At The Leonardo Da Vinci Centre in Montreal on 8 August 2005 ‘An Evening in Montreal’ showcases Joe Avati’s new material written over 5 months on his 2005 Canadian tour. An artist is generally judged over time by a body of work. This recording is the latest to be added to the long list of releases Joe Avati has made since his first CD was released in 2000.

In 5 years he has proven to be one of the most prolific comedy writers churning out material at an alarming rate releasing one new recording per year, each funnier than the last, demonstrating his amazing ability to entertain and capture the essence of growing up with an Italian heritage.

1. Intro/George Foreman Grill
2. My Nonno’s Cell Phone
3. Italians And Junk Food
4. Nonno Hates Prince Charles
5. Italians Dont Follow Rules
6. Nonno and Nonna Driving
7. Nonno’s New Car
8. The Italian Medicine Cabinet
9. New Canadian PM/The Crocodile Hunter
10. Interpreting The Mail
11. Proud To Be Italian
12. Italian/English Words
13. Italian Mums
14. Why Do Only Italians Get Sick
15. U Lupu/Genti Giusti
16. You Cant Win With Italian Mums
17. I Cant Eat Pasta And Peas
18. Parent Teacher Night
19. Getting In Trouble For Anything
20. Italians Cant Cry
21. Lazy Italian Dads
22. Italian Warning Signals
23. “…If You Hit Me I’ll Call The Police!”