Do You Want People To Remember You For Your Sense Of Humour? Then Follow Melbourne Comedian Joe Avati’sApproved Tips…

The only thing that we leave behind for our friends, family and colleagues to remember us by is our legacy. Being kind to others, working hard and being generous will all help us live long in the minds of others – as will having a sense of humour.

A recent survey by a terminal illness charityfound that 36% of respondents wanted to be known more for their humour than any other trait, while almost half of respondents revealed that their most enduring memories of loved ones included their jokes and laughter. As humans we understand the importance of humour in our day-to-day lives and it’s a trait that sticks out in the mind of others, and something we want to be remembered by.

Having positive memories associated with a person who has died helps us cope with the loss, and we would all love to provide this. So how can you cultivate a lifelong sense of humour so that your friends and family come to include it as part of your legacy? As a Melbourne Comedian I can give you the following tips:

  • Be Observant – most funny people are known for being able to elicit a chuckle based on simple observations. Being observant to what is happening around you and the humorous behaviour you encounter on a daily basis is the first step towards seeing the funny side in life.
  • See the Good in the Bad – there’s never a time we feel less like laughing than when something bad happens. But its moments like these – and how we respond to them – that will live on in the minds of others.
  • Be Kind – humour can take many forms, but sarcasm or mean spirited jokes aren’t the kind of humour that will leave a favourable impression of us when we’re gone. Stick to jokes that include everyone and you’re more likely to be remembered by everyone.

If you’re still feeling stumped, you can always attend one of my live comedy shows or purchase one of my DVDs for inspiration. I promise I won’t tell!