Put the spice back into your relationship with a bit of ol’ fashioned chuckles

Whenever a group of women gather together in a social setting, you can be guaranteed that talk will eventually turn to romantic relationships – and inevitably the terrible pick-up lines most women have been told by men trying to get their phone numbers or their attention. You can’t help but be sympathetic towards some of the men in these situations. It isn’t easy to approach a total stranger and try to strike up a conversation with them. I say, ditch the pick-up lines and show her that you can make her laugh!

Plenty of time, money and research has been invested in what makes romantic relationships tick. As August is International Romance Awareness Month, online dating site eHarmony has released its findings on the love lives of single and coupled up Australians. According to their results, a massive 96% of locals who participated in their recent survey believe that romance is an important part of dating and relationships, but only 12% feel that their partners are romantic enough. Predictably, the top barriers to romance were listed as lack of funds, long working hours and taking care of the kids. Respondents also said that they would be content with their partners giving them time and attention over expensive gifts and grand gestures.

If you’re wondering what romance has to do with comedy, then you should consider how important humour is in keeping the romance alive. Not only does laughter help combat bad moods and depression (as mentioned in my previous blog post) but research shows that couples who laugh together are more likely to enjoy a better quality relationship and feel closer to their partners. This only applies to real genuine laughter, as faked or forced laughter actually serves as a signal that something is amiss in a relationship.

So the next time you are planning a date with your partner or you spot an attractive stranger from across the room, remember that you might just have better luck cracking a joke or attending a live comedy evening or stand-up comedy event than planning an expensive dinner with a few cheesy pick-up lines!