Set the perfect mood for your wedding day with the expertise of a professional wedding MC

When it comes to planning a successful wedding day, you would naturally pay proper attention to the perfect dress, the best catering service and a magical venue. Choosing a professional emcee at your wedding, as opposed to asking a friend, or worse, your great uncle on your mother’s side (albeit your favourite one) is one other critical decision that can set the perfect mood at your wedding reception.

We have all been to those – receptions where the MC was either cheesy, embarrassing or so boring you needed to pry your eyes open with toothpicks just to keep awake. With a professional MC there is no chance that your embarrassing childhood secret will be let slip to all your work colleagues by a tipsy friend or have stories told about your long forgotten potty training days by a doting relative. Another risk is a cousin making lewd suggestions in the wedding toast that would turn your great grandmother’s ears red.

What is the success of your wedding reception worth?

You get what you pay for is a universal principal that draws an association between price and value. A friend or relative offering their services for free is sometimes a mistake waiting to happen. Hiring a professional wedding MC is an investment in making sure that your wedding reception will be remembered for all the right reasons.


A professional MC is an experienced professional who knows how to keep the momentum and celebratory mood of a wedding going by being able to read the mood of the crowd.

Channel flow

As the voice and face of the reception, the MC is responsible for guiding guests through the event, ensuring there is a natural flow to the proceedings.

Entertainment value

Most professional MC’s are entertainers in their own right who bring their natural talent of injecting fun and liveliness into a special event.

Make your wedding reception that extra special with Joe Avati’s expertise in evoking a celebratory atmosphere that is second to none. Joe is a well-respected and internationally recognised professional Australian comedian, entertainer and special events host.