Released 2005

This release features some of the most hilarious Joe Avati routines recorded live all over the world. Joe has handpicked these routines himself from the many live recordings encapsulating his amazing career. Also included are routines that are not found on any of his previous releases. Most are versions you would have probably never heard. If you have been a fan of Joe’s since his first album you get the chance to hear how this magician of the spoken funny word has evolved over time creating routines from what were once one liners.

Sit back and enjoy the routines that have become anthems amongst generations of Italians all over the world, the very routines that have made Joe Avat one of the most influential, loved and highly respected personalities of the modern Italian community across the world, the same routines that have undoubtedly had a huge impact in reigniting the passion of being Italian and have initiated many young comedians of Italian descent to begin a career in comedy.

Arguably it was because of Joe Avati that there exists today a healthy and vibrant Italian comedy scene all over the world. This compilation is spread over two CD’s. The first CD titled ‘That was then …’ comprises of tracks 1 to 16 and the second CD titled ‘This is now…’ comprises of tracks 17 to 34.


1. Introduction
2. Due Patate
3. Nonna’s Pantry
4. Tightarse Zio
5. The Visits
6. Compare Characteristics
7. Italian Characteristics
8. Nonna’s Dont Get Technology
9. Nonna Confuses Me
10. Nonna And The Garbage Bin
11. Nonno Burns Everything
12. Lucia (Avati, G)
13. Compare Shaney and Comare Sheryla
14. The Radio Songs Part 1
15. Yammunindi (Avati, G)
16. Tip From The Advice Compare
17. Introduction/Nonno’s Computer
18. Justin
19. Nonno And The Chilli Tree
20. Nonna And The Sun/ Nonno And The Terrorists/Nonna And TV
21. Yvonne/Shopping With Nonna
22. Nonno At The Doctors
23. Making The Wine
24. Making The Sauce
25. Italians And The Phone/Nonno And The Sex Ads
26. Italian And Greek Names
27. Italian Monopoly
28. The Italian Birds
29. Italian Weddings
30. The Radio Songs Part II
31. Italian Dads
32. Getting In Trouble As An Italian
33. Maria Maria (Avati, G)
34. Nonno’s Car Accident