The Best Venues In Melbourne To Enjoy Live Comedy

If you’re a fan of things to do in Melbourne after dark, you really can’t beat attending a live comedy event. It’s de-stressing, affordable and is suitable for a diverse range of people. Of course, much of your experience of the event will be dependent on the ambiance, your surroundings and how comfortable you are, the food being offered and the type of atmosphere. In short, the venue. Having performed at most of Australia’s live comedy venues over the years, here are a few that I have enjoyed performing in and think you will enjoy visiting:

  • The Comics Lounge, Melbourne.

Being the biggest comedy club in Australia, of course the Comic’s Lounge is a great place to catch both local and international comedy. Centrally located and seating up to 400 guests, you can join a crowd and enjoy the vibe offered by a venue that has all the equipment and comforts necessary to make any large event a true spectacle.

  • Sphinx Hotel, Geelong

This entire hotel has been modelled after an Egyptian theme, so you can look forward to seeing miniature pyramids, sphinxes and other attractions straight out of ancient Egypt. It’s also a family business, having been run the by same family for years. The Sphinx offers great kid’s entertainment via a fully outfitted kid’s playground, making it suitable for all. Be sure to pop into the Sports Bar, Pharoah’s Bistro, Dance Club and Showroom.

  • Casa D’Abruzzo, Epping

Looking for an authentic Italian experience in the heart of Australia? You can find it here. This sprawling club has been around for decades, and actually is the result of three smaller clubs joining together. It really is an institution in the local Australian-Italian community, hosting regular meetings for the Circolo Pensionati of the Casa D’Abruzzo Club Epping, as well as sporting events and bingo nights. The club’s bistro also serves deliciously authentic Italian cuisine.

Of course as a travelling comedian (who has performed all over the world) there are many more venues I have performed at and have found enjoyable. So, if you’ve got a question about any local venues, ask me about it through the contact form on my site and I’ll let you know my impressions.