How can you make your special day even more special? One way is by treating yourselves and your guests with the added experience of a unique entertainer. So what should you look for when booking the appropriate entertainer or MC for your wedding?

Firstly, you have to choose an entertainer that is appropriate for your guests to ensure that they don’t get offended or feel uncomfortable. Make sure you read previous testimonials or reviews on the artist, if possible go out and see the entertainer in action and ask venue managers if they have had that act there before. If you are unsure in what direction to take ask the venue manager or wedding co-ordinator whom they recommend as an act.

Once you have made your choice as to who is going to entertain your guests there are a few important things to consider. The time that you choose your entertainment to appear is crucial. If you hire a corporate comedian, for example, you can’t expect them to perform during dinner service because no matter how good you are at multi tasking no one can eat, focus and laugh at the same time – well they can but the last thing you want is to have one of your guests choke on their food. The best time to have someone entertain your guests is usually just after entrée or main meals have been served and cleared. Any later than the first dance set is also not desirable. By that time your guests are in party mode the last thing they want to do is sit back down and concentrate after having just spent the last half an hour singing along and dancing to the macarena.

We also recommend that your entertainer doesn’t perform directly after the speeches because sometimes they can be an emotional, and tearful, affair and your guests be in the mood or frame of mind to now be entertained. You can’t expect your guests to laugh or be wowed by a magicians tricksafter the groom has made everyone cry by mentioning those that have passed and couldn’t be there to celebrate their special day.

Its always best to keep the entertainment a surprise from your guests. It adds a “wow” factor to the evening and will have your guests talking for years to come about how different and special your wedding was. If the corporate event entertainers you have chosen will also act as your MC then let them disclose this to your guests after their first performance for a double whammy effect. Your guests will be “wowed” again.

Lastly you get what you pay for. Some entertainers are not cheap but there is for a reasonfor that. They are usually in high demand because they are very good at what they do. Ofcourse the more popular and experienced entertainers will charge more because they bring professionalism to the table and add ‘cache’ to your special day.

If all else fails you can always get up yourself and tell jokes or sing a song to your guests but do you really want the pressure of having to perform on your wedding day. You can leave that to the pro’s.