“Well, we thought he’d do a good job…” Avoid a disaster at your next corporate function in Sydney!

*Groan* Remember that corporate function you went to last year where the speaker droned on and on about… well, you can’t even remember what because you spent half the time fighting the urge to nod off!! And the only time people shared a laugh was behind their hands when he wasn’t looking? If you’re planning a corporate function, no doubt this memory is at the forefront of your concerns and you can already picture the disaster unfolding. Don’t give into that “loud and proud” staff member who insists “he’s got this”… there are a few very good reasons that all great corporate events in Sydney have professional speakers and entertainers!

1) You too can sit back and enjoy a good night out with fellow colleagues

2) Corporate entertainers have perfected the art of mixing a company’s core values and humour into the same routine, while catering to each individual in the room – delivered with heart and class!

3) Think about how many RSVP’s you would get if your name was listed as the “guest speaker”… now imagine how many RSVP’s you’d get if the “guest speaker” was someone known for great comedy, and hosting in style?

4) Now imagine how many of those RSVP’s would turn up in each scenario…

5) furthermore, imagine how many of them are going to talk about the good night out and ensure they never miss another one? Maybe next time they bring someone else too!

Those are just a few reasons highlighting some “surface benefits” of having a professional corporate entertainer hosting your next event… the list of benefits really is quite long, and you only need to look as far as the next page of Google to see why!

Sydney is filled with fierce competition which in itself is quite daunting – so take a load off and let someone else rock the crowd for you! When you book a corporate entertainer who “knows his stuff”, you book a guaranteed good night out.